On automation and business apps

On automation and business apps

Interruption are bad, really

Do you know it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption?
A lot of studies have shown now that multi-tasking is a big fat myth. It’s more a « rapid toggling between tasks » and it kills your brain power.
Each manual task you have to perform to complete a workflow is a nail in the coffin of your more meaningful work.

Automation is not only sending the « right email at the right time » to your would-be customer.
It’s also daily-weekly-monthly tasks of pulling important data into a collaborative app or a reporting tool.

It involves having the right tool at hand to share, collaborate, get meaningful info without having to sift through a dozen of files.
If your setup can autonomously manage and perform day-to-day administrative tasks, it will save you hundred of hours and hassles.
Want some examples?

Effective workflows typically require consistency in process and application. It will run without the need to recall to do it and you can forget about the task runner.
Even law firm are getting to it

When Excel does not cut it

Speaking about automation, this commands also that you have the right apps at hand to pull and funnel information to your company « pipes ».
At the core, it means that the apps you’re using are accessible online, at least the data they’re handling is available through a cloud service.
Sometimes, you need some very specific workflow/app and no off-the-shelf solution really fits your need.

Welcome in the sometimes dreaded realm of custom development. Except that’s not true anymore.

Due to the sheer shortage of developer power, the online app world has started to offer no-code/low-code platform to empower non-technical company collaborators with a mean to build the app they need.

An excellent review of what’s available to start building a mobile app that suits your business needs.
On the other hand, your day-to-day business may not require a mobile app, nevertheless, you want a mean to access, view and share your data in some customized way.

What are you going to build next?